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You’ve written the best book you can, chosen the perfect title and are ready to launch it into the world, but there’s more to putting out a professional book than great writing.
2. Brownies & Betrayal
... turned off my iPod, pretending like she wasn’t interrupting, and that I wouldn’t have minded if she had. It was a carefully honed talent of mine. “Sorry, what was that?” She repeated the question. “Have ...
3. POD Like a Pro
... do the typesetting for you, but you want to do it yourself, and you can’t afford expensive desktop publishing software. No problem!  POD Like a Pro is also available at your favorite ...
4. Introducing Heather Justesen
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
... Rebound, Blank Slate, and Family by Design. Recently published is POD Like a Pro, a book about professionally typesetting your book to be published via printing on demand. When I'm not writing, ...
5. Plotting Presentation
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... publishing software. No problem! POD Like a Pro is also available at your favorite online retailers in both paperback and eBook formats!   In this manual, you’ll learn how to use Microsoft ...

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POD Like a Pro (Personalized Autograph)

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Family by Design (Personalized Autograph)

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