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1   Link   Heather's Blog
This is my blog, on which I chronicle my work, research, highs and lows in writing. It also has a link to LDS Writers Blogck which is the site several of my writer friends and I blog together discussing our various experiences in our effort to become published.
2   Link   Darvell Hunt
Darvell writes kids science fiction/fantasy/adventures novels and mild LDS horror/thriller.
3   Link   Candace Salima
Candace is the author of three books: 13 and 0: Reflections of Champions about the 1984 National Title Winning BYU football team, Out of the Shadows...Into the Light the first in a series of romantic suspense novels, and Forged in the Refiner’s Fire a collection of inspirational stories she assembled with Elizabeth Cheever.
4   Link   Stephanie Fowers
Writer of the hilarious chick-lit escapade Rules of Engagement.
5   Link   Josi S. Kilpack
Josi writes on women’s issues and has her sixth book out with Deseret Book. She is also the incredibly talented woman who edits my books, making them fit for human consumption.
6   Link   LDStorymakers, Inc.
These talented authors put together signings, the best yearly writer’s conference in the state, and cover nearly every genre of writing.
7   Link   Danyelle Ferguson
John and Danyelle Ferguson belong to my writer’s group and have some great projects in progress. Check out their writing.
8   Link   Computers & More, LLC
This is my husband’s computer company Web site. He’s the one who keeps my computer running smoothly so I can keep working on my manuscripts. And he helped create this beautiful Web site.
9   Link   Office Security Solutions by Computers & More, LLC
Office security solutions by Computers & More, LLC, an Utah corporation, providing personalized and quality service since 2004.

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